Flag of Mecklenburg

Research Help for Mecklenburg Genealogy
by Dieter Garling

Flag of Mecklenburg H

Here you will find only some simple hints. A more detailed help is available at the links listed below

1. FAQs

  • First of all you should read the SGG Faq by Jim Eggert. It is directed to those who are beginning with genealogy. You can receive this FAQ also by an email to LISTSERV@RZ.UNI-KARLSRUHE.DE with the line "GET GEN-DE-L.FAQ-02" in the body.
  • Next I wrote a small FAQ for Mecklenburg.

2. General Websites

NEW: Sarah Brian from ForeverCurious recommended several genealogical links:

NEW: Laura Pipitone recommended the following page:

3. Mecklenburg related Webpages

4. Newsgroups / Mailing Lists

5. Genealogical Databases and Online Search

6. Professional Assistance in Mecklenburg

Karl-Heinz Steinbruch is a professional genealogist. He is living in Schwerin and has direct access to several archives. You can mail him at Mecklenburgica.Steinbruch@t-online.de (Homepage).

7. Literature

A short remark: some of the following books are labeled with book. That means, you can buy this book online at Amazon.com. The link of that book will lead you to a book description at Amazon.com.

  • Genealogy and Mecklenburg
    • book The Mecklenburg Genealogy Handbook by Charles Hall
      Bob Genter (Jericho, Vermont) wrote about the book: "It has a history of Mecklenburg and how records were kept, maps, and a list of place names and the LDS film numbers for relevant archives."
  • Books for Genealogy Beginners
  • Books about Mecklenburg - History, Landschaft
    • W. Karge, E. Muench, H. Schmied: Die Geschichte Mecklenburgs (The History of Mecklenburg); Hinstorff Verlag, Rostock 1993, ISBN 3-356-00527-8
      This book (in German) is the best description of Mecklenburg history which I know.
    • Lisa Jürß: Carl Malchin, ein mecklenburgischer Maler; Verlag Atelier im Bauernhaus Fischerhude 1995, ISBN 3-88 132-246 9
      Carl Malchin painted excellent pictures from the Mecklenburg countryside. Some of them are presented in my web site.
  • How lived the people in Mecklenburg?
    Carol Gohsman Bowen writes in her Mecklenburg GenWepPage: Fritz Reuter, known as the greatest of all Low German dialect writers, was born in Mecklenburg. Two of his books which have been translated into English describe the life of the common people in Mecklenburg during the first half of the 19th century. ... If you want to learn about the life of your ancestors, I recommend both of these books.
  • How lived German Immigrants in America?
  • Where can I ask / look for old books?
  • Can I make online searches at German libraries?
    You can try at the DBI-LINK database service of the Dt. Bibliotheksinstituts Berlin.

8. How to search for Cousins living today in Mecklenburg?

Difficult. I found several cousins the followings ways:

  • I put the surnames of my ancestors in the RSL and in the Mecklenburg Surname List (see above how to do)
  • I build a webpage to help other people in their research and to help me to find relatives - this webpage I included in several search services with informative keywords
  • I looked e. g. Switchboard for other email accounts with my surnames and send them a mail to visit my webpage
  • Carol Goshman Bowen did successfully: she searched in the German telefon book (www.teleauskunft.de) with her surname (with different spellings) and wrote to families in their Mecklenburg region: one positive answer! (she reported on her webpage about that). BTW, German postal codes you will find at www.plz-suche.de.
  • Use People Finder at IAF, WhoWhere, InfoSpace.
  • leave a message at the Mecklenburg mailing list and at the s.g.g newsgroup (or s.g.g. mailing list)

9. Other genealogical resources

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